Welcome and thank you for visiting whiskey-chick.com. We are certified Whiskey Sommeliers who received our training and education from the Whisk(e)y Marketing School in Austin, Texas. We enjoy the study and tasting experience of whiskeys and enjoy passing that knowledge onto others.

Using deductive tasting and pattern recognition, we guide fellow whiskey lovers to a deeper understanding of each unique whiskey during our tasting events. We believe knowledge should be shared and not hoarded. We’re always deepening our whiskey knowledge to better the tasting experience.

If you are interested in a great time exploring whiskey or have questions, please contact us or view our site for more information. We do private tastings and events. We’d love to talk (and drink) whiskey with you.


Deb & Emma

(whiskey chicks)

We believe good whiskey is any whiskey you like to drink.

We believe whiskey can be loved by all.

We believe in having fun.

We believe in sharing.
We believe whiskey pairs well with chocolate, cheese, biscuits, cookies…
We believe there should be at least 4 dogs in every household.
We believe in fireside chats with loved ones.
We believe in music.
We believe in living comfortably (i.e. drinking whiskey in yoga pants).

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