Tasting Packages

Tasting Packages

Interested in booking a tasting? We’ve created tasting packages to make it easier for you. Explore our options below or create a custom tasting.

Included in our standard and premium packages:

     • In-depth education on deductive tasting

     • Guided tour of each whiskey from a Whiskey Sommelier

     • We’ll provide the whiskey and the glassware for the tasting

     • Engraved Glencairn whiskey glass per person attending

We have a 4-person minimum for each tasting. You can select to do a standard or premium version of each whiskey package below. Standard packages are $75 per person; premium packages are $100 per person.

World of Whisk(e)y – We’ll explore whiskey from Scotland, Ireland, Japan, and the United States.

Tour of Scotland – This tour will give you a taste of whisky from each of the 5 regions of Scotland.

Bourbon Trail – We’ll taste 4 of America’s great bourbon selections.

Texas Whiskey – We picked 4 Texas whiskeys, including a bourbon and single malt, to give you a taste of Texas.

Whiskey from… – Pick a country that you’d like to explore. If you want to know more about Irish whiskey, for example, we’ll create a package to sample 4 different Irish whiskeys. 

Custom – Don’t see what you want? Talk to us about creating a custom whiskey package (pricing varies and will require a deposit).

Hosting a party? We have a separate package that may work best for you. For $25 per person, one Whiskey Sommelier will show up to your tasting event to provide an in-depth education on deductive tasting and guide the party through the whiskeys. You provide the whiskey and glassware, and we’ll provide one bonus whiskey.

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